Please email or text Scott Stearns or Jordan Boots for workout options and availability: (605)929-6753 (605)675-9227

Venom Members:

  • Individual – $30.00
  • Small Group – $20.00 per player


  • Individual – $45.00
  • Small Group – $30.00 per player

You can also register here using the following link: 

For confirmation on your workout time please check the calendar tab.

Workout Philosophy

Individual workouts develop players’ skills, improve confidence, and instills a work ethic needed to be successful in the game. They also lead to a culture in which players value individual improvement, which, in turn, leads to team success. We also believe in competitive drive, our workouts are designed to compete. Whether that is in a small group going against each other or simply counting makes/attempts. Our workouts are designed to hold the player accountable to work hard and maximize their time!

Workout Example: Small Group 3 to 6 players – Grade 7 and up

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