Individual Improvement

All Venom players need to be in the mindset of individual improvement during the off-season. Players need work to improve their skills in all aspects of the game. The off-season is a time for development and is critical to the success of players. The expansion of a players fundamentals can be the key to success in the game of basketball and the more time one player can put in developing these skills, the more successful they will be.

Having a detailed workout regime that players can follow will help maintain the focus and success for a player throughout the summer. It is Venom’s philosophy that a player should be shooting and working on fundamentals no less than three (3) days a week. Player development is not only crucial for the individual athlete but also for the betterment of the team as a whole. Players should all be improving in the following areas:

  • Ball handling – Players should go through the same ball handling drills each time they step into the gym. This will provide consistency and growth in the techniques needed to handle the ball well.
  • Enhanced footwork – Developing footwork, whether post play or guard play, is essential to keep up with the progressing pace of play that players will continually see.
  • Positional Skill Development – Players need to have positional specific drills and workouts that key on the success at that given position. While players also need to know more than one single position, it is important that they have one position that they excel in.
  • Improved Shooting Form – Shooting form is ever evolving and players need to be focused on shot improvement. Successful shooting comes from a large number of shots. It is Venom’s goal for all players to shoot over 10,000 shots in the summer on our Dr. Dishes.
    • This is Venom’s goal but is mainly placed in the players’ hands. They need to have the focus and dedication to get into the gym and shoot.
    • It is highly suggested that all players’ sign up for either out workout program or individual workouts during the summer in ensure they meet these goals.


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